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BrowserCap ist an useful application which captures any webpage as single image or pdf document. BrowserCaps supports arbitrary long webpages, e.g. blog or news pages, which can be completely stored in a single image (e.g. JPG, PNG, BMP) or as PDF document. In addition, BrowserCap allows you to print a webpage exactly as the Internet Explorer shows it. Beside websites, BrowserCap converts any image or text document into a pdf document.

New: BrowserCap 1.4 (11/28/2007): optimized Web-Capturing-Engine and PDF-Support, bugfixing for Microsoft Windows Vista

New: BrowserCap 1.3.1 (05/18/2007): capture frame based webpages as screenshot (visible area)

New: BrowserCap 1.3 (05/07/2007): support of popups, capturing by shortcut, open pdf in Acrobat, Mozilla Firefox extension to launch BrowserCap from Firefox!

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Test the free demo version of BrowserCap for an unlimited period of time. It is free of charge, the only restriction is a watermark.

Product: BrowserCap 1.4 for Windows
Size: 5,1 MB
System: Java JRE, Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista
License: private and commercial use (more..)
Price: 29.90 € / 44.50 USD (plus TAX/VAT)

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News / Version History

BrowserCap - Licence Information

The purchase of BrowserCap allows you to use BrowserCap for personal and commercial use. In contrast to the demo edition, after activating BrowserCap there is no more watermark in the captured image.
In addition you are allowed to download new (minor) versions for free. One example: If you purchase BrowserCap 1.2, you can update BrowserCap up to version 1.5, which means V.1.3, V.1.4 and versions between them like V.1.3.5.